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  Craig Cossey  
    Realism & Abstracts
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Craig was born & raised in Lansing Michigan.  He now lives in a quiet town along the Grand Rapids River.  Where he works and paints.  If you are interested in any of his prints, contact him personally by email.  Prints come in nearly any size that you would like to own.  His signature detail is wonderfully captured in each of his prints.  He oversees the coloring in each of his giclees.

Craigs giclee signed and numbered prints are 
now available for 2016!  He oversees all sales personally to insure accurate print quality, size and shipping.
Contact him by email if interested.


A giclee print costs .30 cents per square inch.  
So a 12" x 12" print = 144 sq inches
144 x .30 = $43.20 cost of print.