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Craig Cossey paints ordinary items with great detail and intensity.  His paintings are layered with intricate colorful abstracts designed to deepen and define even the smallest element.  Cossey reveals the aging of objects with textures that are vivid and complex; thereby, allowing us the opportunity to slow down and value the simple beauty that life and change provides.

"I find myself intently studying every portion in every painting, they draw me in with sheer amazement!"                gallery attendee                                                                                                                
Each painting takes Craig several months to complete.  His tools are simple, a #2 pencil and acrylic paint!  His paintings are often mistaken for digitally altered photos, which they are not.

"Often at openings I am questioned about the lifelike detail in the metals, wood or subject matter;   they are defined by both knowledge and technique slowly developed from many years of painting."       Craig Cossey

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  Craig Cossey  
                                                      Realism & Abstracts

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** 2012 Award Winner   
Dow Midland Arts Show
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  Honorable Mention 
  2011 Artist Magazine
Tied - 2013
Willie - 2013
Old Hats 
Waiting - 2011
Spring 2015 
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